Thursday, March 16, 2017

The first game project named "Dead Garden" going to be released soon on Windows, Mac, and Linux platforms, and in the near future an Android version.

All detailed information about the game can also be found at


Interactive survival light novel generated from pre-written encounters. Every playthrough will be a bit different, experience the story as you shamble to survival or your doom under the steel metropolis. Experiment with a combat system that uses dice throws and cards to see each battle outcome. Try to manipulate the results into your favor by trade-offs using cards, and survive the hardships that lay ahead.


In the year 2068, the world shook and trembled. A never seen catastrophe swept across the globe. You are staying in a huge bustling city in Asia. The dynamic development lead creation of a very overcrowded living environment, the gap between the super rich and the poor very apparent wherever you go in the city.

Your goal is to survive, but for that, you have to journey through the city full of dangers and hazards. This is not a small feat when the world around you changes by the minutes transforming into something entirely different than before.

Grotesque creatures shamble forward from the shadows of ruins to hunt the living. Strange and unusual flora burst forth with unusual aggressiveness, spreading in all direction where it can. Pristine walls turn into moss and vines infested barricades, while looters and gangs start taking apart the city increasing the chaos and madness. Can you survive till the end of the day?


The yellow sun dozy pulls itself to the horizon, painting it with bright colors. Minutes goes by in a flash; metallic metropolis starts to vibrate with motion.The unavoidable came, everyone tries to get ready for another day. Your tired body to moves through the same sequence of actions as you do every day, trying to find the willpower to start over.

Small vibrations ripple through the metropolis, an ominous warning to its unsuspecting citizens. All electronics flashed, beeped, and screeched for long seconds, but suddenly heavy silence fills the air. Everyone dumbfounded what just happened, but there was no need to wait for the answer, moments later sudden, violent earthquakes shake the city to its core.

The city ravaged streets start to get filled with strange dust, and unknown alien organisms start popping up everywhere in the destroyed city. You throw the most necessary things in your backpack and step outside to assess your situations.

Your journey begins for your survival.

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